The 3 Stages of Wow

The 3 stages of Wow will help you grow your business through your current clients.

If you understand these three stages you can increase sales from the people who already know you.

Any good marketer knows that it is easier to get your current clients to buy more items then it is to recruit new customers.

The 3 stages of wow are the key to getting more sales from your current clients.

  1. Deliver and Wow

This is the key to any success with your current customers. When a client makes a purchase you cannot just deliver what you promised, but you have to go above and beyond and WOW them

2. Offer More

Once you have someone who has bought from you, it shows you have been successful at creating the know like trust factor. Once you have that know like trust factor in place, it makes it easier to get them to buy something else. The key is how to offer more in the right way at the right time.

3. Get Referrals

When you have customers who love you, the key is to get them to tell everyone else they know about how much they love you. Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful, and there are ways to make your current customers want to tell others about you.

Over the next three posts I will go into each of these in detail.




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