Do I need a membership Site?

You may find yourself asking “Do I need a membership site?”

Heck you may just be asking, what exactly is a membership site?

So let me take a few moments to help you understand a little more about membership sites to help you make an educated decision about “do i need a membership site?”

What is it?

A membership site is a private area online, usually either on your website or in a stand alone platform, where you can put content (documents, audio files, video files, etc) that one a select group of people can get access to. Usually this is something they pay to get access to, so it becomes a new product you can offer.

Typically when you create a membership site it is done for one of two reasons.

  1. A one time product – meaning you sell something at a single cost and they get access to the membership site to access what they paid for.
  2. Recurring access – this is usually done with membership sites that have new content added to them on a regular basis, so people pay a lower monthly fee but get new content regularly. This is done often as a bonus or upsell to another product you may have offered.

Either of these styles of membership sites can be effective, even if you are a brick and mortar business, not just a digital business. For example, if you are a running shoe store, you could easily create a recurring cost membership site to where people pay to get access to news about running, etc. Or you could create a one time fee membership site where you have an online course helping people train for that next 10K, marathon, etc


To me, there are two primary benefits of choosing to answer yes to the question of “do I need a membership site?”

  1. Recurring income – this is especially true for the second type of membership sites. If you get someone to join for $29/month, they will keep paying that even fi they do not go in every ay to consume the content or not. Think about a gym membership, a gym is really just a physical membership site, where you pay monthly to be a member, even if you do not go workout. And typically people do not cancel until their credit card is about to expire.
  2. Once and it is done – the power of a membership site, or most digital products, is that once you have built the tech and basic content, it is done, and all you have to do is sell it over and over instead of always having to create something new. Make it valuable to your customer and your customers will keep flocking to it. I am currently working with a chiropractic office, they have a membership site to supplement the work done in the office, and their clients get well faster and appreciate the office more, and are quicker to tell other making the practice grow.


It is rare that I find a business that cannot benefit from a membership site, but here are a couple things that may prevent people from wanting to say yes to “Do I need a membership site?”

  1. No content – sometimes people do not have any content to add to a membership site. This is true for everyone who has every created a membership site, at some point they did not have content. I have found in working with my client that getting them to commit to a membership site and even start working on the content for it is all they need to grow the idea of what they have to offer. I have even had the occasional client who sold an upcoming membership site, then used the money from the sale to finance the cost of creating what they promised. Plus the deadline helped push him to ensure he got everything done.
  2. No time – many people tell me they do not have the time to create content. I have all of these people spend 2 weeks tracking exactly how they spend their time. Usually they have an hour or two each night they are doing less productive things like watching TV, etc. Replace even one of those hours with building content and now you have the time to create content and make more money.
  3. No Money – people think that membership sites have to be expensive. And as is true in all things, you get what you pay for. If you want a cheap membership[ site, it can be created, but will not be as fancy as other options. If you ant more options and a better look and feel, you will probably end up paying more, but in the long run it can be worth it.

As I often tell my clients and those people I train, you can have it done right, done fast or done cheap, but you only get to choose 2 of those three.

How can I do it?

Ok, so you are now thinking about saying yes to “Do I need a membership Site?” GOOD. Congratulations!!!!

What is the next step? I encourage people to take some time to look at your current business and look for either content you already have that you can give people or places that people want to learn more and you can give them that info.

Then find an expert, someone who has years of experience creating membership site ( like me) and have them help you.

Building a membership site is not something you should be trying to do alone. It will be faster cheaper and better for you if you ask for help.

So make a choice and get started making more money and helping more people, while having fun in the process.



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