Lifecycle Marketing Review

Lets take one last look at the whole Lifecycle Marketing process.

Knowing each of the 9 stages and implementing them can make a true difference in your business.

To review, there are 3 categories and 9 total stages of client lifecycle marketing.


This is the first stage of lifecycle marketing. You have to know where you are starting from before you can move forward.

  1. Target

Who is your target marketing? Get crystal clear on this in order to not waste time trying to attract the wrong people.

2. Attract Interest

Once you know who you want, find out where they hang out and what they most need, and visit them there and give them what they need.

3. Collect Leads

Use the right thing for the right people to ensure you collect their contact information so you can move on to the next category and three stages.


4. Educate

People buy form people they know like and trust, this comes through education, so take the time to buuild that relationship with your ideal clients.

5. Offer

Make sure you are actually offering your ideal client what they want and need, and at the time they are ready to buy what you are offering.

6. Close

Make sure the process to close the sale is as efficient as possible and works in a way that makes the customer happy.


7. Deliver and WOW

You cannot just deliver what they bought, but you need to over deliver and wow your clients so they love you beyond what they expected.

8. Offer More

It is easier to sell your current clients on something new then to get new clients, so learn how to offer more in an effective manner.

9. Get Referrals

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, so learn how to turn your current clients into raving fans so they will bring you business and be happy about doing it.

If you keep all of this in mind and keep the lifecycle marketing process in mind throughout every stage of your business, your business will grow and you will find more success. Lifecycle marketing is the secret sauce to success, but you need all 9 ingredients in order for that secret sauce to be delicious.



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