Lifecycle Marketing Stage #7 – Deliver and Wow

Once you have closed a sale, it is time to Deliver and Wow.

You got them as a client, now it is important to make sure they are happy about it.

One you have the customer you want to make sure you go above and beyond to ensure they are thrilled with what they purchased, and with you and your company. A few simple steps will help to ensure you deliver and wow.

  1. 5 Things in the first 30 days

What are 5 things you can do in the first 30 days to ensure the customer is thrilled and know you delivered and wow. Can you send them a physical thank you card, great packaging, bonuses, or even call them and say hi and see how they are.

2. 5 Things in the next 30 days

They have been a customer for a month, and this is where they often get forgotten. Do not forget your customers. Send out a survey, or a birthday card, anniversary card, special customer appreciation event, etc.

3. Are they enjoying?

Can you do more to help the customer enjoy what they bought. The previous steps can all be automated, but this one is more on you. What can you personally do to ensure the enjoyment level of your customer.

4. Customer Check-In

You cannot assume all of your clients are happy. You want to be checking in with them and seeing how they are doing. Send them a survey or call them and ask them what they are happy with and what could be better. Then keep doing more of the good and correct the bad.

5. Unhappy Customers

The unhappy customer will speak up sooner than the happy one, but the survey will help you find the unhappy ones. It is then time to address the needs of the unhappy customer. Often a formerly unhappy customer you made happy will become your greatest raving fan.

We will talk about the raving fans in a couple of posts. But before they become fans you have to deliver and wow, and if you follow these steps you will wow.

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