Lifecycle Marketing Stage #8 – Offer More

The true path to success in your business is to learn to offer more.

When you can do this well you business will grow exponentially.

The truly successful business focuses on all 9 stages of the client lifecycle, but they know the secret sauce is actually in the offer more section.

When you can get this down well, your income will increase with little extra work. Especially if you learn to automate some of this.

There are ways to do the next three steps automatically so you spend no extra time but get extra money from your clients.

  1. Cross Sell

If someone is already ready to buy something from you, is there a way to can package the item they want with other items all in one package to increase the price, deliver and wow more and make it an easy yes. In the world of internet marketing, we call these bonuses, when you buy this, for just $X more you also get this and this.

2. Upsell

Upsell is different than cross sell because you offer them something else different than what they just bought as something else they might be interested in. This is most effective when you know your clients well and can understand their needs beyond the single thing you bought them. You offer more with something new they might not know you did but that you could help them if they had it.

3. New Products

The best people to offer more of your new products to are your current clients. As you roll out something new, offer it to your current clients as a discount as both a thank you for being a loyal customer and to get more honest feedback. They already know you like you and trust you and they will be honest about the new product. And by giving it to them for a discount they will appreciate you more.

Keep in mind that you have already earned the trust because they are already a client. So you do not want to approach any of these three steps as a money grab. Always look at it from their perspective and make all three of these versions of offering more from the frame of helping them even more. You want them to be successful, and you just happen to have other items that can help to make them more successful.

This offer more approach is the difference between a company that is doing well, and a company that is tremendous.

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