Lifecycle Marketing Stage #9 – Get Referrals

The fastest way to grow your sales is by learning how to get referrals.

When you have your current happy clients acting as your sales force your business can grow tremendously.

The best type of business is business gained from word of mouth. This business is business you did have to find, and the trust factor is already in place because someone else that already knows likes and trusts you got the business for you. You are borrowing the trust factor you have already created with the current client and applying it to the new client

But how do you go about learning to get referrals?

It is easy, there are three things you must keep in mind when learning to get referrals to grow your business.

  1. ASK!

Yes it is that simple, ask your current clients if they know anyone else who could use the benefits you gave the current client. People do not automatically think to refer you, which is why you have to learn to ask if you want to get referrals.

2. Reward

If someone does give you a referral you need to find some way of rewarding the current customer who brought you the referral. it does not have to be anything big, it just needs to be something to show you appreciate them.

3. Create a system

We are busy delivering on what we promise, and do not always think about asking for referrals. but if you can build in a system that does the asking for referrals, and you can even build an easy way for current clients to send the new client somewhere to enroll them quickly, and track who the referral came from.

When you build your system, learn to ask for referrals and thank the people who do refer, you will learn to love the benefits you get when you get referrals.

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