There are simple actions you can take to ensure you are more successful. The key is knowing what actions and when. By attending the Small Business Success Live event you will gain knowledge in the areas you need to know to have more success.

Every month we do this live event and the topics are decided by those that attend. We meet in the back room of the Round Table Pizza at 1938 Oak Park Boulevard in Pleasant Hill CA.

The first 5 people to arrive early will get thier pizza lunch buffet covered for them.


Learn how you can change the direction and success of your business today.


Chief Joy Officer

ToGetSeen LLC

Sean is an international speaker

Sean has been an international speaker/trainer and has trained over 10,000 on three continents

Certified Partner

Sean is a certified partner with Infusionsoft, so he is trained by the leading CRM for small business to be able to deliver to small businesses exactly what they need for success.

Client Lifecyle

You will get a full understanding of the 9 stages of the client lifecycle and how using it to your advantage prevents you from leaving money on the table.

Increase Success

Learn to take the 10,000 foot view of your business to ensure all of the pieces are connected, and know what actions need to be taken.

Lifecycle Marketing Planner

Get a free copy of the Client Lifecycle Marketing planner to get clarity on your ideal client and more to grow your business strategically.


Get a free 30 day trial of the best review acquisition software to get your raving fans talking about just how amazing you are.

A $298 value - yours free for 30 days


Round Table Pizza

1938 Oak Park Boulevard
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

We will be offering pizza and drinks during the event so you can keep your energy up. Just look for the back room.

Our Partners

The people who help to make everything we do a success!

We take the fear of technology away

Do not be afraid of all of the different technology listed above, in our done for you package we take care of the tech so you just do what you love. 


Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to start thier own business or is struggling to make their current business a success.

Who is this not for?

People with a business making over $250,000 a year and multiple employees. We are focused on  helping you get started to success, not grow to a 7 figure business (yet). We have a separate program for this level of growth.

Will there be food?

Yes we will have pizza and drinks available so you get lunch with your admission.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring yourself, any plan you currently have for your business, as well as pen and paper.

Can I bring members of my team?

For every person who registers they are allowed to bring as many members of thier team with them, just have them register as well so we know how many people will be attending. 

Where exactly are we meeting?

We will be in the back room of the Round Table Pizza in Pleasnat Hill CA, just head to the back and look for us.