My Goal is…

Can you clearly state “my goal is…”my goal is

Or do you kind of have a vague idea of what you might want to achieve without any real specifics.

I am a firm believer that it is important to have goals.

But you have to have goals that are created in the right way so as to greatly increase your chance to successfully achieve your goals.

This is why I believe it is imperative that you have smart goals.

What is a SMART goal you may ask, well let me explain.

S – Specific

Every goal you make has to be specific. This means as detailed as possible, the more specific the better. Specificity brings clarity which brings better action to achievement.

M – Measurable

You have to be able to measure if you achieved your goal or not. My goal is always measurable so I can assess and improve as time goes on to always get better and have more success.

A – Attainable

You have to actually be able to achieve your goal(s). This does not mean your goals should be easy, they absolutely should be a stretch but they should be attainable. Look at peers and see what they have achieved, if they can do it you can do it, be realistic but push yourself.

R – Relevant

Make sure when you say “my goal is” that the goal stated this is relevant to who you are, what you are doing and where you want to get to. Goals are great, but if they are not in alignment with where you are trying to get to, you will not focus on them or do well in achieving them.

T – Time Based

You have to have a deadline for achieving the goal you set forth. If it is not time based then it will never get achieved because it will always be out there in the future. Also, having a deadline can often be the secret to lighting the fire to get that goal achieved quicker by getting you to do the work faster.

If you follow this model and make sure that my goal is always a SMART goal, the you odds of achieving that goal and all of your other goals with greatly increase.

It really can be that simple.



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