Rate your clients

If you rate your clients you can get better at identifying your ideal clients.

I have covered some of the questions about finding your ideal client, but sometimes the best way to identify them is by looking at your current clients and rate them in a manner that is best for you.

I usually like to look at my current customers and see if they fall into one of 5 categories.

  1. Amazing

These are the clients you love to talk to, work with and get excited to do work with. They do everything you ask, are always on time, have interesting things they are working on etc. If you had a whole collection of these clients you would no longer have to work, you would just be having fun every day and get paid for it.

2. Good

These are clients you still like to work with. You are happy to have more of these, they are fun, and interesting, although you sometimes have to hunt them down for information or do a little more hand holding than you like.

3. OK

You can get work done with these clients, although it seems to sometimes be harder than you think it needs to be. You want less of these clients, but they still help to pay the bills and are on the border of still being worth the effort.

4. Not Good

These are those pain in the butt clients who really are not worth the time, but you still keep them as clients because either you have a long relationship with them, they have connections, or you just need the money.

5. Fire Them

These are the clients you dread, you avoid answering the phone from them, and you always leave every interaction with them feeling worse than you went in. They are the client you would be the first to fire if you could afford to.

It is important to rate your clients in these areas so you know what kind of current clients you have. Then once you have been able to rank your current clients you can continue to look for the Amazing and Good clients. Find the things that are common between them and know you have better clarity on your ideal clients.

You business will be more successful the more ideal clients you have.



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