Start with Why – Simon Sinek

Start with Why and success will follow.

But if you are not clear on your why you will struggle to have success in your business.

Why is it important to start with why?

it is important to start with why because if you do not have clarity on why you are putting in all of the effort, all of the work, etc, then you are not going to keep putting in the effort you need to get there.

What is a Why?

A why can be anything that drives you, but it has to be the core reason, not a superficial reason. You may think your why is money, but often money is not the why, it is a symbol of the why. I want to give my wife the life she deserves, that is my why. So money is part of that but not the only part. So the why is more than just money.

Watch the video to learn more about why it is important to start with why.



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